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Life Changes

Sometimes our lives take an unexpected turn. When that happens, you can take comfort knowing that your account was designed with your security and best interests in mind. That’s true whether you encounter a job change or termination, a divorce or your family status changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my HSA is set up midyear (after my FSA), can I change my FSA contributions for the rest of that year?
When your coverage changes, your contribution limit changes with it.

A change to family coverage will allow you to contribute up to the family limit. There are two ways you can do this:
  1. Make a prorated contribution based on when the family coverage was in effect.
  2. Make the full family annual maximum contribution, but coverage must be kept through December of the following year.
Changing to single coverage requires you to decrease the contribution amount for any month in which single coverage was in force for a portion of the month.

When your health insurance plan changes, update your health plan information in your profile on This way, we can alert you when you're nearing your maximum contribution level.
If my spouse has a family HDHP with an HSA, and I lose coverage under my individual HDHP, can I still contribute to my HSA? 
If you lose HDHP coverage during a tax year, you must prorate the maximum contribution for the number of months you had eligible coverage. You have until the tax filing deadline for that year to make those contributions.
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